Skills required in the Fashion Industry

During a talk with Max Li Ying, the designer of Floreal Knitwear LTD, he illustrated the various roles and skills required in the textile and fashion industry. He also told us a liitle bit of his journey in the textile indusrty and also how Mauritius changed during the past decades.

Max Li Ying studied up to HSC but was undecided about what to do next. He started his career in an advertising company but told us that at this time computer and other technology were not yet available. He had to d everything by hand for six months. He later would work as a freelance, manfacturing t-shirt and shirts. He would later go for a formation as a stylist for about three years. He would study the use of sewing machines in France. He would be employed in a French industry but would return to Mauritus after one year. He noticed the changes in the Mauritian Textile industry and how the latter has progressed. Today, he is in charge for design and product development in Floreal Knitwear LTD.

The different skills needed in the Fashion and Textile Industry are: patterning, stylist knowledge, embroidery, accessorising, sewing, graphic designers, fashion designers, advertising knowledge, drawing and designing of outfits. A fashion designer should have notion about the changes in the taste of customers and the targeted market.

I hope this post helped you better understand the fashion industry.

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Quality over Quantity

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Hello everyone!!

A few weeks ago, we had a talk with Mr Bhaugeerutty, a self-employed businessman of a garment factory. He shared his experience of being the owner of a vest and trousers. He also empahsized a lot on training and how he studied abroad to improve his business.

First of all, he shared the importance of Quality over Quantity. He stated that most entreprenneurs when starting a business would focus exclusively on the aspect of scaling, the necessary path to improve sales and profitability, expand their reach and solidify long term prospects. The one golden rule that stands above all the above considerations to obtain brand recognition and to scale effectively is to: focus on quality over quantity.

Something I learned from my father as a businessman, is to choose an audience and hit them hard with something of great quality so that they remember. They will automatically spread the name of the company. They will shout out the name of your business to others from rooftops. The interaction with customers shoud also be of good quality. Collecting likes is a perilous trap that does not necessarity mean that your business is doing well and gaining a larger market. If there is no comments or little engagements between you and your clients, you are not meeting their needs fully. Your page become full of likes but is a ghost town.

Quantity makes you feel good in the short term, but quality is where the magic happens. What matter is the quality of your business and relationships with the clients. Focus on these aspects and the company will naturally thrive and flourish from the inside out. It takes a little more time, but there is no real shortcuts when it comes th business success.



Coming back to Mr Bhaugeerutty, he also stated the importance of working together as a team. He prefers his employees to work according to him and his technniques. He can thus guarantees high quality output.

The talk with Mr Bhaugeerutty had been a very informative one. I hope this blog post has been the same for you.


Why Fashion and Not Graphic?

As you all know, I am studying in the field of fashion and designing. When the first year of the course (foundation) ended, it was difficult for me decide whether I will go for Fashion and Textile or Graphic Design. Both of the course are good in their own way.

Eventually I chose Fashion and Textile but not Graphic Design. For me personally, Fashion and Textile seems to focus more on creativity, imagination and style. It is a way of expressing one’s creativity in the forms of clothing which is very popular in today’s modern world.


Fashion relates more to the world around us. Compared to Graphic Design where the results are virtual, in Fashion and Textile, your work is presented in the real world in the form of an outfit. Fashion is also evolving everyday. The taste of people changes constantly and new trend are created very often. I like the everchanging aspects of fashion. In addition Fashion involves technical skills. Knowledge and skills of using a computer and software are required when designing an outfit. Fashion Art, element of design, pattern making, Fashion illustration and garment construction all fascinate me.

New designs and sophisticated machines are continuously created to make clothes more beautiful, appealing and also comfortable. The Fashion industry satisfies both the creative and materialistic needs of people. The personality of an individual is reflected through his clothing. In my opinion, Fashion Designing is the most appealing, glamorous and exciting career which changes constantly.

Nowadays, Fashion also consists the use and knowledge of software: designing on Illustrator, Photoshop and 3Ds Max making 3D models of the outfit or accessories. Fashion can be tedious sometimes but it is something that I like to do.

Both Graphic Design and Fashion have their benefits and drawbacks. Depending on your views and opinions on the two fields, you should choose the one that suits your skills and likings best.

Take Care blog readers â¤

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Emilien Jubeau – EMIZIBO


Emilien Jubeau is an ex-student at the Fashion and Design Institute, studying fashion and textile. A long talk with Emizibo inspired me a lot as we shared some similarities. He studied up to SC in secondary school but today he is a great artist and fashion designer and most importantly he work as a freelance.

He was ready to face any obstacle that he would come across even the death of his mother which has been undoubtedly very painful to him. Despite all these difficulties. he still move on with a  positive attitude with a lot of dedication and determination.

Similar to him, I also studied up to SC in secondary school and as well as enrolled up in Fashion and Design Institute studying fashion and textile. Another similarity that we shared was that we both were undecided between Graphic Design or Fashion. He eventually chose Fashion and today pursue his career as a Fashion Designer. I was also confused on my choice between Graphic and Fashion but finally, with the advice of my parents, teachers and friends, I chose Fashion and Textile which I am very happy about😃.

Emizibo showed me that people can still be successful even if we drop out of school early. We should love â¤ what we are doing and be determined and work hard to overcome any obstacles that we encounter. We should think positively. Emizibo also inspires hard work and discipline when working with a team.


His work is very interesting and creative. Below are some of his works.


I end this blog here, until next time, Bye!!



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My Goals in Life


Hello, fellow blog readers. This blog will focus on the goals I have set up in my life and why you should set a target in life. Without a target in life you feel like you are working hard but cannot get anywhere worthwhile. Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about the future and to have long-term vision and motivation to work really hard in the short-run (where you cannot see the fruits of your work).

One of my many goals in life is to become an independent woman. I am inspired by many entrepreneurs who are their own boss. I willing to set up my own business. I do not like to be ordered and prefer to be my own boss. I am determined to seize any opportunity that I come across. Being successful in Fashion and Design is a dream for me, even if a challenging road awaits me.

I enjoy helping people around me. I would like one day, when I have the financial facilities , to adopt a child. I would like to give him/her any thing that he/she needs and helps him being successful in life. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are great inspirations to this goal of mine.

Image result for brad pitt and angelina jolie adopt

A goal is important as it provides you with motivation, give you control of your future and also gives you a sense of self-satisfaction to keep you going. Goals are oxygen to our dreams. You should, however avoid setting up unrealistic and unachievable goals as these will lead your own deception. You should also not back down on your goals.

Until next time, take care.

Visit to CMT

CMT (Compagnie Mauricienne de Textiles) is one of the leading textile industries in the world headquartered in Mauritius. The textile industry is considered as an important factor in the Mauritian industrial revolution. For the past four decades, the textile industry has helped with the economic growth of Mauritius, creating new employment opportunities and attracting investors. CMT was established in 1986 and has since offered a wide range of services to its customers. CMT has made great evolution from basic T-shirt manufacturers to specialists in embroidery, printing and jersey-wear.

On my visit to CMT with classmates and teacher, I expected the director Mr Jai Lai to be an elderly person, but to my surprise he is younger. The director gave us a warm welcome and immediately made us feel more comfortable. He also seemed to be very confident and knows the industry very well.

In a big auditorium, we were presented with a projected slideshow  by Mr Jai Lai. In the presentation, he illustrated the evolution of the industry and showed us the skills required like fashion vocabulary, sewing skills, pattern making skills, fabric and technology which are needed in a textile industry. He also showed us how social media( a new way of advertising), online shopping and new trend of retailing have impacted the textile industry. At the end of the presentation Mr Jai Lai told us that the co-founder and CEO, Mr François Woo, also wanted to meet us but was unfortunately out of the country.

Deeper into the visit, I noticed that the workers are very focused to their work. The atmosphere was very busy but well organised. All the workers were concentrated on their computer screens and had no time to sit and relax. An employee kindly showed us around. I noticed that the industry was well equipped with up-to-date technology, the security was also tight.

To conclude, I would say that it was an amazing experience and unbelievable to see such a huge and successful industry in Mauritius, despite the world recession in the past and foreign competitors. The visit to CMT provided much knowledge to me about textile and garment. The working condition was also very impressive despite CMT being such a large and successful industry.





Hello friends!!😀😀

My name is Wazirah Jurawon, 27 years old, I was born on 23rd  September  1990 in Mauritius, an island in the Indian Ocean. I have two siblings, an elder sister and a younger brother. My mom and dad always here to support me.❤

I am studying at Fashion and Design Institute and is also currently working as Sales Promotion Representative at Dream Master Co. Ltd.

Hmm m!! How would I describe myself ??

I am kind of mischief girl😀, like to tease my close friends and family members😀. My favorite color  is all types of blue. I like honesty and loyalty in all kind of relationship and taking care of my family❤. I believe that the welfare and happiness of other people are also important as it makes me happy and peaceful. I like people to be straight to the point and expect the same from others. i always like to pleased and help people.I really enjoy sleeping and hate being disturbed. Waiting is also something that I hate. (I probably inherited that from my dad😀). I like travelling. My favorite country is the UK.❤

When I was younger I was a tomboy😀. I spent most of my time playing outside, flying my kite and and enjoyed playing marbles even played football😀.  I loved watching cartoons and movies. In fact, I watched all the Harry Potter movies and still watch them on repeat. I even played all the Harry Potter games and even had a collection of all the figurines and  posters. 😀 I hated going to school. I preferred and still like to express my creativity.

My passion are cars😀😀. At a very young age around 8 and 9, I was excited to have my own car. I used to go to drive bumper cars. Bicycles were another great interests of mine. Today, I have my own car 😀😀, I enjoy going on long ride while listening to my favorite western music. I like to try different types of cars, my two favorite cars are Audi and Toyota❤. I always go to automobile salon, it inspired me what is new about cars.

I discovered Fashion as another passion of mine very late in my life. This blog will focus on my journey.

Until my next post,